Core Values


Our goal is to make High Caliber Fine Art Education Affordable and accessible to a broad range of individuals from a variety of walks of life.

  • We generally keep our class sizes small to enable us to cater better to the individual developmental needs of our students. Students receive a lot more personal attention and therefore tend to advance faster and on a higher level in smaller classes.
  • Our programs are rigorous and at times do include Art Historical and philosophical level academics as well, but the classes are also fun and flexible. This enables a student to enjoy a very supportive and enjoyable atmosphere for learning.
  • We do not wish to see our students ending up as “starving artists” at the end of their time with us, drowning in student debt – we want to have our students walk away feeling confident that they can pursue Fine Art with greater sophistication, as an amateur or professionally in any way that fits their lifestyle and their level of commitment or competence. Many of our past students have ended up becoming successful Fine Artists in their own right.
  • Some of our classes are more recreational and others are more academic in nature – it is important that you are matched to a class that meets your personal learning needs and abilities.
  • Prior, during and after completing workshops, retreats, classes or any courses with us, we provide guidance to students to insure that we are a good fit for them and that they may achieve their personal goals by engaging in classes with us. We will refer students if possible or applicable to other institutions, instructors or options.
  • Any student who wishes to pursue a Fine Art career path during or at the end of their time with us will be granted access to valuable information and resources in helping them along this path.
  • Students can learn at their own pace and have a lot of freedom to spread out courses, workshops, classes and schedules if they work with us – all based on what they can afford and how deep they wish to commit to the path of a Fine Artist.
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We do not offer degrees

  • We offer certificates that prove the competence of a student in a specific area of study. We will professionally underwrite a student if they ever need to utilize this for career purposes. Many students just enjoy the reward at the end of a course. Some of our students have been able to utilize their time with us as a helpful way to prove competence during admission processes into other learning institutions.
  • Fine Art Degrees are expensive to offer and even more expensive to obtain.
  • None of the Old Masters revered during the height of the Historical Classical Fine Art period had degrees in Fine Art.
  • An accredited degree in Fine Art is wonderful if this is a good choice or a personal milestone for you, but it is not critical unless you wish to become an academic instructor, pedagogue or professor at an accredited art institution. If this is what you wish to accomplish, we encourage you to pursue your dreams with great sobriety and vigilance. Research this and make a very rational decision:
    • Accredited Fine Art Degrees are very expensive, academically rigorous and time consuming to complete, with no career guarantees at the end of the experience.
    • We recommend that you do not pursue such a degree by taking out a student loan – your chances of recouping that investment are difficult at best.
    • Some accredited institutions are not living up to their upfront marketing promises – we can help you weed out the bad apples, because we know what to look for.
  • We can offer you some guidance towards a reputable, accredited Fine Art Degree if this is your goal. Some of our students have Art Based Degrees and they simply supplement their studies with extra classes from us.

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