It is important to Avianne Academy of Arts to ensure a comfortable and productive learning environment for every student.

Good art making typically requires focus and a calm, mature demeanor alongside a can-do attitude, even working through struggles with patience and dedication. Please make sure to read our Studio Practice Policy to familiarize yourself with the code of conduct / learning standards we uphold in our studio. Please make sure the admissions requirements are clear to you before you sign-up for online classes.

Workshops, Retreats, Short Programs:

Avianne Academy of Arts generally have no substantial admissions requirements for short term commitment type classes as they usually only span a few sessions at most. This may vary, based on specifics. If any specific requirements are relevant to a specific situation, we will stipulate this within a course description. These would usually be an age limit or a skill level requirement.

Online Classes:

These usually come with an age restriction and a requirement that students have the availability, technological savvy, fast speed internet services and devices at their disposal to be able to facilitate online instruction. Avianne Academy of Arts cannot guarantee that a student has these capabilities and it varies from region to region, so the student is responsible to make this work.

Private Instruction and Studio Practice:

These options / services are available to an individual, based upon an in-person interview with the instructor or studio manager prior to commencing with these options. Private classes are rigorous and often catered to solve pain points for amateurs or professionals who already make their own art. We want to certainly ensure a good fit before taking on any private students or studio practice artists within our space.

Art Classes Admissions

Classical Studio Training

Students need to be juried into these classes as we are looking to identify and work only with students who are truly gifted, disciplined and determined to create Classical Fine Art (and art in general) of a much higher caliber than their peers who do not have access to such advanced training. Students need to apply for these classes and will be juried into these classes according to the following criteria:

  • Skill Level – We can cater to beginners, but this class is serious and not intended for recreation. Students need not be advanced in their skills, but will need to have mastered some level of basic artistic skill, interest or at least a very strong passion to learn high caliber art skills to be a good fit for this classroom. Those who have a natural feel, some post-basic skills and a deeply personal desire for excellence in their art making and who display the ability to absorb instruction methodically and intuitively will adjust to this class with greater ease.
  • Intentional Sincerity – A student needs to be passionate and serious about wanting to learn a more sophisticated approach to creating Fine Art of a high caliber. Students will have to be able to be responsible for homework assignments, being on time for class and managing their own supply kits.
  • Concentration Level – The ability to focus and concentrate in a classroom means being able to quietly work without being disruptive or distracted easily and showing the instructor the respect that is required in an atelier-level setting. Students who cannot quietly work by themselves in a group setting are not a good fit for these classes. Our classes are not a social club.
  • Individual Maturity – students need to have the emotional level of development that ensures them being able to work with other sincere students in an adult-like, sophisticated setting and a level of emotional tenacity which enables them to work through challenging projects when needed.
  • Problem Solving – We do challenge students to achieve their potential in these classes and we do encourage students to stick with creative or technical problems in an effort to overcome them. All of us have certain natural abilities and certain problem areas in our art making. Sometimes results will come to a student easier and sometimes a student will need to spend time with a problem to work through it. This is a natural and common occurrence. We require students to simply remain patient with themselves during periods of struggle.

Students are evaluated according to the above criteria after each module. Students who do not meet the criteria for starting these classes or who end up displaying unsuitable characteristics or behavior in this classroom will not be recommended to pursue these classes and we reserve the right to terminate classes in such cases as it is not in the best interest of our classroom or the student to pursue these classes unless they can self-regulate.

Persistent absences, late arrivals or incomplete work will make this class a poor fit for any student. Commitment and dedication are required for learning at this level.

Students cannot simply join any module as they wish throughout the year, they will need to have completed the prior modules or show competence on a level that the Academy feels is sufficient for joining a specific module at any given time throughout the course of the school year.

Please familiarize yourself with our Studio Practice Policy regarding the code of conduct and standards of learning we uphold in our studio.

If you are interested in being juried into our Classical Studio Training (CST) classes please complete the Application form at the bottom of  the CST page

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