Childrens Art Classes for Livermore and the surrounding area

Class Outline:

  • Learn to draw and paint from real life, reference and imagination
  • Class caters for individual needs and preferences if it applies
  • Learn different techniques, styles and processes used in drawing and painting
  • Learn Art theory, Art History and several Practical applications

Time: Mondays from 4pm – 6pm

Duration: Ongoing  –  Sign up and start anytime!

Location: Livermore


  • 4 students minimum / 12 students maximum
  • Teaching Assistant available in class for 8 children or more
  • Minimum age 10 years old (younger children only at instructors discretion)

Registration Fee: $70  due at least 1 week prior to first class
The registration fee is non-refundable and will be deducted from the first monthly payment.

Class Fee: $35 per class
Class fees are due at the beginning of each calendar month and can be paid by check or PayPal
Classes can only commence with a minimum amount of 4 students booked – if the class does not fill up, deposits will be returned to already signed-up students.

For more information including where to get supplies at affordable prices and payment options please CONTACT US

Ready To Get Started?

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