Module 5 - Drawing and Painting Realistic Ocean Scenes and Creatures


Drawing and Painting Realistic Ocean Scenes and Creatures

Learning how to draw and paint realistic scenes and creatures surrounding and inside the ocean is like going on a voyage, a great adventure, deep under the water, visiting an alien world as unfamiliar as it is thrilling to the human psyche.

From drawing dolphins to analyzing whales, from marveling at tiny, bright seahorses to exploring the depths where jellyfish dwell, we are going on a journey to discover the wonders of the ocean. In this module you will learn how to see and portray the ocean through the eyes of an artist and how to appreciate its beauty and wonders anew.

The ocean has always served as great inspiration for artists throughout the ages. The mystery, beauty, colors, mythology, depths, strange creatures, size and many otherworldly qualities associated with the ocean have captivated imaginations since early times. Science suggests to us that we have not yet even discovered a fraction of the creatures that live in the ocean.

What we will cover in Drawing and Painting Realistic Ocean Scenes and Creatures

In this module we are going to explore a variety of marine life and also get a chance to do a project where we build our own unique coral reef on canvas in acrylic paint. We are going to create graphite drawings, step by step, of a variety of creatures. Adult classes will get a chance to explore oil painting. In class, each student will be allocated certain creatures to study, draw and paint: sea lions, sea turtles, clown fish, seals, octopuses, dolphins, whales and even sharks are on the list. When we build our coral reefs, we will focus on creating underwater scenic landscapes with lots of colors, textures and subject matter like star fish and anemone, coral and schools of fish.

If time allows we may delve into some water color work and in some classes we will be creating beach scenes with waves crashing on rocks against beautiful sunsets. There is so much to learn about the ocean in all its richness that we could spend an entire year just on this one subject.

Artists like Robert Wyland, Gustave Courbet, William Turner, Abraham Willaerts and Winslow Homer have brought us magnificent ocean themed art work throughout art history, from classical time periods in art to contemporary methods of exploring ocean life. There is no end to the possibilities of creating when it comes to the ocean: from microscopic life forms to the majestic creatures like whales and giant squids, the possibilities are dazzling.

We trust that the students will walk away from this experience feeling uplifted in their art making, having learned so much about especially the use of color, composition and marine life anatomy in Marine Fine Art. From the islands of Hawaii to the Arctic and beyond: we bring you a course that is designed to help you unveil the treasures of the ocean like never before. You may be so inspired that you book your trip to an exotic marine destination before the end of this module.

Whatever this course may mean to you: we trust that it will be an artistic journey to your inner-ocean lover like no other.

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