Classical Studio Summer Workshops 2019

Classical Studio Workshops for Summer 2019

The special summer workshops are only for current or prospective CST students.


Enjoy a totally amazing 2 day Saturday – Sunday workshops where we simply explore or develop Classical Fine Art skills in more depth, facilitated by a seasoned instructor, specifically focused on Classical Studio Training.

Our current Classical Studio Training Students are offered these workshop opportunities during Summer if they wish to continue working on classical skill building in between school year modules. Students who are interested in learning more about potentially signing up for Classical Studio Training with us are also welcome. All skill levels can be accommodated, but this is strictly only for students who are more sincere than most about building advanced Fine Art skills in the Classical Tradition of the Old Masters like Michelangelo, Donatello, Da Vinci and Raphael.

During workshops, we will work with students to practice the skills they already learned and to improve upon skills they may struggle with or would like to take to the next level before we formally continue with continued current level instruction modules or next-level instruction modules during the next school year. This is also intended for group or private students that already are signed up with us for Classical Studio Training or / and have already completed at least 1 module of this training.

We are basically going to focus on the development of more accurate drawing skills and how to put together a successful painting for the most part – please be aware that these are only 2 day workshops and you may need to work on projects at home to finish them. You can work at your own pace, but we cannot be responsible for unfinished work from these workshops as students who apply for these classes are expected to be able to work on their own at home as well. We will however be able to advise you in great depth about how to complete such projects at home.

Students should bring their own projects to work on if they feel confident about doing so. Please work with us to determine if you need us to provide you with a project or if the project you plan to do is suitable, at least a week before the workshop – we would like to have enough time to select a proper project with you. We will not provide beginner or intermediate students with overly advanced projects. But we will challenge intermediate to advanced students to push their skill building harder for the sake of successful art making.

Only one project per student is recommended to ensure completion as far as we are able to do so. Please arrive ready to learn and with a positive attitude. Students who are willing to apply themselves and have the temperament to concentrate and be self-regulating will get more out of this type of approach to workshops.

These workshops will be truly helpful to students who are not sure if they would like to pursue our Classical Studio Training as during our time together, we will give you a glimpse of what Classical Studio Training is all about and you will know a lot more about what that means before you decide to take the leap into our regular CST modules for the upcoming school year.

We are running these 2 day workshops in both San Carlos and Livermore.

No discounts are provided besides our Early Bird Specials which runs through June 14, so make sure you book early to get the best deal.


Livermore - Classical Studio Summer Workshops

We are indefinitely postponing further registrations for our Summer Camp and Workshop Options for 2019 because we are in the process of transforming our Academy to offer more online class options.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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