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Causes - Supporting Wildlife Conservation

 A letter from Avianne

Dear Students, Patrons and Art Collectors

When you purchase an artwork from me, commission me or sign up for any of our classes, workshops or creative coaching packages locally or internationally, please know that Wildlife Conservation truly matters to me and that Avianne International (overseeing Avianne Academy of Arts) donates a portion of that income to Wildlife Conservation in Idaho and beyond.

We share our world with so many majestic and fragile creatures alike. I believe in giving back to these beautiful, vulnerable, wild creatures that we share our planet with. Animals and their habitats continue to inspire my own art making and I have a special place in my heart for, especially birds, as a symbol of freedom and beauty in all spheres of life. Hence my assumed artist name and logo: Avianne (which in some translations mean “one with the sky”) and to me carries deep personal significance.

Wildlife is a constantly recurring subject in my own art and I feel a deep connection to these wonderful beings. It is my hope that they will be a part of our existence for many generations to come. From paintings of giant California poppies to tiny cardinals and inspired drawings of eagles, I have always found great solace and creative joy in picking nature themes and animals as my subjects. They carry so much mystery and beauty. They embed my work with splendor and color, they invoke strong reactions of reverie in my viewers. This is the deepest of reasons why I wish to give back to them: they are such a deep, irrevocable part of my journey as a creative, my constant, honest, innocent companions in this world.

If you know me in my personal capacity, you will also know that I have always been a lover of nature, an avid gardener and though my lifestyle has not always allowed for owning a pet, I now have a dog to my great delight, a wonderful little cocker spaniel rescue. I do love dogs and have personally rescued dogs and birds throughout my youth in South Africa as well. Growing up in Africa, I progressively grew close to nature and that closeness has remained with me ever since. Avianne Academy of Arts currently donate to the following organization:

The Ruth Melichar Bird Center, an affiliate of the Animals In Distress Association (AIDA) in Boise, Idaho, located not far from where I live, an organization that caters to rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals, mostly birds, who find themselves in less than ideal situations. A portion of my profits from selling my art and art based services go to assist this organization. You can read more about this organization, their mission statement and location as well as the animals they rescue at:

In future, I hope to expand my donations to organizations that manages and support the protection, rehabilitation and reintroduction of wolves and wild mustangs into the wild as well. Originally from Africa, but having fallen in love with the USA, I do feel a strong obligation to help preserve our natural resources.

May I encourage you to donate to similar causes and to support professional artists and business owners like myself who donate their time and efforts in support of such causes. It will always be our mission at Avianne International (Avianne Academy of Arts) to give back to our planet. 


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