Kids Monthly Classes for 2018 - 2019


Our new Kids Monthly Classes

Our monthly classes cater specifically for younger kids (ages 6-8). These classes are a bit shorter and the work a bit less complex than what we offer to our older students in our 6 week module-based classes. Each theme spans over 3 classes and registration for these are month to month (the monthly themes are not related and students can sign-up at any time during the year for any upcoming month of classes offered). Each month a different theme is explored at the hand of drawing and painting projects. Sometimes we even include 3D art projects if time allows.

In these classes, we focus on having fun with our younger students while we encourage basic skill-building and instill a deeper love for art and art making. We specifically focus on laying the foundations for our younger students so when they enter our more advanced classes, they will be able to adjust to more complex projects that will challenge them more to build intermediate and advanced fine art skills.

Students who are found to be too advanced or mature for these classes will be recommended for a more advanced class setting in our module based classes. Students learn at their own pace in a pressure free environment.

Here are the Monthly Themes for the 2018-2019 School Year

Each month there are 3 classes which are covered by a single monthly cost of $90 per student – fee includes materials.
Classes are held in both Livermore and San Carlos.

  • Livermore: Wednesdays 4 pm – 5:30 pm
  • San Carlos: Thursdays 4 pm – 5:30 pm
  • Dates can be be found on the TIMETABLE

If you have questions please contact us.

September: Butterflies

Butterflies are magnificent creatures full of color and wonder. We want to introduce our students to the use of color in art making by having them create wonderful projects around this theme.

October: Birds

Birds give us the opportunity to explore things like how to draw and paint feathers and wings and how to draw similar creatures that have different shapes and sizes. The focus of this theme will be to teach our students more about the use of movement, mark making and proportion in creative ways.

November: Oceans

Oceansare the life force of our planet. From amoeba sized critters to massive whales, this them is so vast and we will have a hard time selecting projects to fit within its time frame. The beauty of nature and how to see it through the eyes of an artist will be explored.

December: Seasons

Seasons are a theme that we find through the ages in all kinds of art from all kinds of cultures. We will go on a journey to explore how different places on earth experience different seasons and how we can create art around this theme in styles like Impressionism.


Registration Open

Open until 12/6/2018

January: Planets

Planets and space always boggle the human mind. We will fly to the stars with our students and learn how to create original and imaginative work around this theme. Visual effects created in a variety paint and drawing media will be produced.


Registration Open

Open until 1/9/2019

February: Animals

Animals are a part of almost all of our lives. be it domestic animals like dogs or cats or farm animals like chickens, horses and cows or even wild animals like rabbits and foxes, we will create our own stories in our art by learning about animal anatomy as we go.


Registration Open

Open until 2/6/2019

March: Cartoons

Cartoons are not really part of Fine Art but we thought it would be fun for our students to learn how to create innovative characters through exercising their greatest artistic asset: imagination. Drawing and painting dynamically and creating a compelling character with a great story will be the focus.


Registration Open

Open until 3/6/2019

April: Theater

Theater opens up a world of possibilities to us. How about designing some 3D art by creating an original fashion statement along the lines of a costume piece? We can hardly wait…


Registration Open

Open until 4/10/2019

May: Fantasy

Fantasy art is a whole genre on its own and many artists work around this theme today. We will delve into mythology and explore creating our own imaginary creatures by learning to put what we think about accurately on paper and canvas.


Registration Open

Open until 5/1/2019

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