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Avianne, bringing years of experience as a college level lecturer and an art instructor for all age and skill levels, teaches through utilizing the Avianne Method™, a unique teaching method, based upon the idea that any person can be creative and every person has their own unique creative gift to embrace.

Aimed at doing more than just teach a student to copy a photograph or the style and medium of their teacher, Avianne’s vision is to unlock the individual potential in each student both intellectually and intuitively by connecting each person to their own unique way of seeing and internalizing the world through art making.

Her vision is to point the individual student to the excellence of their own creative abilities, helping each student find their own voice through having the skills to express themselves through art making.

What makes her teaching method completely different from any other method out there is that she does so much more than turn students into copy-cats of her own work. She, instead, walks alongside the student to discover their own unique abilities and develop as a totally unique and competent artist in their own right.

Meet Avianne

Avianne has an internationally recognized BA degree in Fine Art from the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

She graduated with distinctions in both practical and academic subjects and lectured on college level for many years. Since then she has received numerous awards, recognition and commissions of national and international stature in both South Africa and California for her paintings, drawings, murals and installation art pieces.

Her work is featured in international collections. Having been called the “New it-girl” by Hollywood producers, Avianne consistently exhibits work in high-profile exhibitions and continues to be featured in the press as one of California’s best.

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Original artwork, and reproductions of fine art works, created by Avianne may be purchased online.

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