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Avianne-Art-Classes-logo-tall-393x435About Avianne Academy Of Arts

Avianne, bringing years of experience as a college level lecturer and an art instructor for all age and skill levels, teaches through utilizing the Avianne Method™, a unique teaching method, based upon the idea that any person can be creative and every person has their own unique creative gift to embrace.

Aimed at doing more than just teach a student to copy a photograph or the style and medium of their teacher, Avianne’s vision is to unlock the individual potential in each student both intellectually and intuitively by connecting each person to their own unique way of seeing and internalizing the world through art making.

Her vision is to point the individual student to the excellence of their own creative abilities, helping each student find their own voice through having the skills to express themselves through art making.

What makes her teaching method completely different from any other method out there is that she does so much more than turn students into copy-cats of her own work. She, instead, walks alongside the student to discover their own unique abilities and develop as a totally unique and competent artist in their own right.

Founder & Dean: Avianne

Avianne boasts a very long and highly esteemed reputation and career as an internationally accomplished Fine Artist and Instructor.

Her work has been featured on HGTV and the Food Network as well as in several publications, including the Conde Nast magazine.

She is the founder and dean of the Avianne Academy of Arts, adding over 2 decades of experience in the Fine Art & Decorative Arts industries and over a decade of experience in instructing students in Drawing, Painting and History (from 6 year olds to graduates) in multiple industries, including Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Fine Art.

She has also served on the boards of several arts and culture community and business organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Academy Board Members

Adrian Ko

Adrian Ko

Enterprise & Brand Development

Adrian brings his 2 decades of corporate experience and achievements in Silicon Valley to the table.

His experience in diverse capacities, helping to get funding for and establish start-ups, branding and expanding companies and building teams who innovate and drive success in several corporate settings, is invaluable to us as we are constantly looking at ways to streamline and upgrade our Art Academy to remain true to our vision of making college level Fine Art education accessible and affordable to everyone.

Adrian is currently working as a brand messaging authority in Silicon Valley and behind the scenes also serves on the board of a brand new start-up in the medical field.

Christine Philip

Christine Philip

Curriculum & Staff Development

Christine brings her 3 decades of experience as a private school principle, outcomes-based, regional curriculum developer and elementary school teacher to the table.

She is in charge of constantly upgrading and evaluating the content of the classes, workshops and camps we present. She is also directing staff-development to ensure that any faculty or guest instructors are up to par with our vision and our educational standards.

Christine is currently also becoming an emerging artist in her own right.

Paul Wakefield

Paul Wakefield

Business Operations & Strategy

Paul has been a marketing, operations and web development guru for many years.

He is the founder, co-owner and business strategist of Creatability, a California based company that works with high-end companies in many industries to create and maintain their success and strategic industry positioning for the long-haul.

Paul is an absolute expert when it comes to knowing how to connect with potential clients and how to implement a consistent and truly successful business presence, specifically catering to the needs of those we serve in our industry.

Paul ensures that we have technical support and smooth online operations.




Faculty Director, Lead Instructor, San Carlos, California, USA (guest instructor for Livermore)

Avianne is not only the Dean and Founder of the Avianne Academy of Arts, but is establishing and expanding our operations into San Carlos near San Francisco.
Ozell Hudson Jr.

Ozell Hudson Jr.

Faculty Director, Lead Instructor, Livermore, California, USA (guest instructor for San Carlos)

Our Academy could not have asked for a better Faculty Director for our Livermore location than Ozell Hudson Jr.

Bringing decades of achievements and experience to the table, Ozell is a phenomenal, sophisticated, professional Fine Artist and a highly accomplished college-level instructor and academic pedagogue in his own right.

Ozell has won many awards for his work and has had his work featured in numerous art galleries and publications. We are very fortunate to have Ozell join forces with Avianne Academy of Arts as he has taught almost every basic and advanced Fine Art skill imaginable to everyone from kids to professional artists.

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