Modules 2018 - 2019

Overview of 2018 – 2019 Classes

Our regular Module Group Classes cater to kids (ages 9-12), teens (ages 13-17) and adults (ages 18+).

These modules are each a separate unit of 6 weeks in duration, each with a specific theme (the modules are not related and students can sign-up at any time during the year for any upcoming module). Each Module explores the related theme at the hand of drawing and painting projects. Sometimes we even include 3D art projects if time allows.

In these classes, we focus on skill-building and cultivating a passion for art and art making. We structure these classes to accommodate students across a broad spectrum, working at their own pace on age and skill appropriate projects that are captivating while instilling a sense of competence and accomplishment within the individual student.

Here are the Module Themes for the 2018-2019 School Year

Each module lasts 6 weeks and costs $270 per student – fee includes materials.
There are separate classes for each of the following age groups which are held in both our Livermore and San Carlos locations.

  • Kids ages 9-12
  • Teens ages 13-17
  • Adults ages 18 and above

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Module 1 – Florals and Botanicals

In our first module we will be exploring how to draw and paint exquisite flowers and a variety of other plants like fruit trees, tropical plants and succulents. The differences and individual beauty of the various botanical species will be explored as we artistically recreate them on canvas and paper, using a variety of media from color pencil to water colors.s and if time allows, maybe even work in some color pencil work.

Module 2 – Theater and Music

We thought it would be fun to explore some theatrical themes in our work. We will be taking a look at the intricacies of costume design and come up with our own fashion forward art in this regard. We will draw and paint and, if time allows, maybe even throw in the original creation of a 3D costume piece for some or all of our students. In addition, we will be aiming to draw and paint a musically themed still life from real life.

Module 3 – Koi Fish and Water Lilies

Avianne is a specialist in painting koi fish and water lilies – this is one of her personal favorite themes to draw and paint and we are really stoked about presenting this theme to our students. The beautiful colors and symbolic meaning of these fish and their water environments are rich, inspiring and intriguing. Detailed acrylic paintings and 3D water lilies will be created around this theme.

Module 4 – Raptors and Predators

Birds of prey and predators are wonderful animals to explore in art. They are fierce and fascinating. During this module we will be learning a lot about animal anatomy and how to produce art that truly captures the look and feel of things like fur texture, gesture and emotion in animals. Our aim will be to produce detailed drawings for our final projects and if time allows, maybe even work in some color pencil work.


Registration Open

Open until 2/4/2019

Module 5 – Landscapes and Gardens

For our final module we selected a relaxing and immersive theme along the creation of scenery in landscapes and gardens. We plan an elaborate acrylic painting project filled with the wonderful details found in landscapes and / or gardens. Atmospheric perspective, composition and the use of color to create depth in scenic art will be the focus.


Registration Open

Open until 3/19/2019

Module Overview by Age Group / Location

Age GroupLocationDayTimeDurationCost (incl supplies)
KIds ages 9 to 12LivermoreMondays4 pm - 6 pm6 wks$270
Teens ages 13 to 17LivermoreMondays4 pm - 6 pm6 wks$270
KIds ages 9 to 12San CarlosThursdays4 pm - 6 pm6 wks$270
Teens ages 13 to 17San CarlosThursdays4 pm - 6 pm6 wks$270

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