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Fine Artists, Crafters, Graphic Designers, Interior Decorators and Architects have something in common with Musicians, Dancers, even Corporate CEO’s and Business Managers or Business Owners in general: We all tap into our creativity to be able to create solutions, clever concepts, solve problems and showcase our brilliance and products successfully to the outside world. Our ability to tap into our creativity in a mindful way, to own and know our story and to serve others well through our gift, largely depends on our self awareness as Creatives.

All people are born creative, but few learn to nurture or embrace that aspect of themselves throughout adulthood. Our online instruction can enhance your engagement within your own creative sphere by helping you achieve your goals with guided inspiration and thoughtful support, helping you navigate a roadmap that works for you.

We offer 2 types of on-line access to Avianne’s instruction and guidance in your own creative journey. We recommend that you subscribe to / register for only one type of online instruction at a time. These are the 2 types of on-line access Avianne offers:

Group option – Subscribe to Avianne via Subscribestar: This is an affordable option for any budget and will be relatable to any level or type of creative individual or community: from beginner to advanced tips and demonstrations can be accessed, depending on which tier you select to subscribe to.

Private option – Register for individual classes on-line: This gives you access to Avianne on-line, in person. You can purchase a once-off package for this. Each package stretches over 6 weeks and is customized to suit the individual level and needs for instruction.

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