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Fine Artists, Crafters, Graphic Designers, Interior Decorators and Architects have something in common with Musicians, Dancers, even Corporate CEO’s and Business Managers or Business Owners in general: We all tap into our creativity to be able to create solutions, clever concepts, solve problems and showcase our brilliance and products successfully to the outside world. Our ability to tap into our creativity in a mindful way, to own and know our story and to serve others well through our gift, largely depends on our self awareness as Creatives.

All people are born creative, but few learn to nurture or embrace that aspect of themselves throughout adulthood. Our online instruction can enhance your engagement within your own creative sphere by helping you achieve your goals with guided inspiration and thoughtful support, helping you navigate a roadmap that works for you.

We offer online access to Avianne’s instruction and guidance in your own creative journey. Avianne is thrilled to be launching this option. We hope to expand upon on-line classes in future, but for now we are setting this up to work as follows:


Requirements for being able to receive online classes

Online Class Logistics and Structure:

  • We offer only one option at this time, which is a Customized Individual Class option (see curriculum options as described below).
  • Prospective students will receive a half an hour free consultation upfront online to determine if our classes are a good fit for the student.
  • Each lesson and desired outcome will be determined according to the individual needs, availability and desired skill level and themes for learning of the student.
  • Students must provide their own, adequate supplies (we cannot work with sub-standard supplies) or may (depending on specific supply requirements and logistics) be asked to cover costs and shipping of appropriate supplies.
  • Each on-line session will be 2 hours long, just like a regular, in-person private class.
  • For optimal learning and a chance to complete homework projects in between classes, a student may receive up to 2 online sessions of 2 hours each per week and needs to commit to a minimum of 1 on-line class every other week. An on-line session may include some or all of the following:
    • Determining goals, projects and scope of learning
    • Reviewing projects, objectives, goals and technique
    • Working together on projects, techniques and themes with the student
    • Overseeing student work and critiquing projects
    • Assisting the student in improving and enjoying their art making
    • Providing student with notes and supplemental, suggested study material if and when needed
    • Assessing outcomes to determine if the student is learning, progressing and having a positive experience
    • Explaining and demonstrating technical exercises to the student
    • Evaluating and analyzing technique during sessions
    • For cost, please refer to our TUITION AND FEES

Online Class Curriculums:

Avianne Academy of Arts instructs in Classical, Traditional (and certain types of Abstract) Fine Art techniques). Our mediums include most traditional drawing and painting mediums.

We do not provide specific instruction for crafts, sculpting, animation, comic book art, graphic art, graffiti, digital art, video art, performance art, mural art or alternative art methods, mediums, industries or genres.

Please ask us if you are not sure – sometimes we can teach you the basics and / or refer you to an advanced instructor who does specialize in alternative mediums, themes or styles than what we teach.


A student can opt to learn in 3 different ways:

  • Theme based – if a student wants to learn about making art based upon a specific subject: animals, florals, landscapes, figurative, still-lives, etc.
  • Style / Medium based – this pertains to a student who wants to learn a specific style of drawing or painting and / or zoom in on a specific medium. Maybe you are only interested in Abstraction, Realism, Expressionism and such. Or maybe a student wants to focus mainly on watercolor or oil painting.
  • Classical Training – the same curriculum as we follow with our Classical Studio Training Classes in person (this is a certificate course and includes at least some of the theme and style based learning as well).

Technology and Devices:

  • You will need fast, reliable internet service and access, the appropriate software (updated) and at least 1 suitable device (computer, laptop, or mobile device with good sound and visual capabilities) in order to participate in online classes
  • We are currently using Google Duo, Zoom or Skype. These are reliable, supported and secure platforms
  • Moving forward we hope to add to our online platform capabilities

Please refer to our Studio Practice Policy for more details and a better understanding of Avianne Academy of Arts’ terms, conditions and policies regarding online instruction.

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