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It doesn’t matter what your budget or area of artistic expertise is, we have a solution for you, jam packed with excellent content. This will cater to a CEO as much as it would to a struggling artist just getting started.

Welcome to Subscribestar where you can join Avianne for as little as $15 per month to get wonderful content and inspirational tips, ranging from how to start and maintain your own creative journey to advanced demonstrations, showing you how to create specific types of art.

The era of generic youtube content is so yesterday. Get with me and subscribe to really phenomenal, immersive online Fine Art instruction and Creative Coaching options and content, much better suited to your own individual path. – Avianne

We can currently service anyone, anywhere in the world via Subscribestar, with this option for online instruction. Once you have read more about our online options for private instruction below, contact us or subscribe to Avianne’s customized instruction options at:

We have decided to use Subscribestar because the platform is easy to use, reliable, effective and enjoyable, even for the most non-tech savvy creatives out there. You pay a monthly subscription fee via Subscribestar and download the app to access certain content all the time, anywhere you like.

If you want to have a more in depth experience which includes personal contact with Avianne to customize your creative journey with her help, then we recommend you register for private classes online or in person instead. You can contact us if you are not sure about which option is best suited for you.


Cost and details are as follows:

$15 per month: Sage Tier (Level 1) – enjoy inspiring and thought provoking posts and videos by Avianne that will blow you away and keep you motivated on your creative journey. Unsubscribe or upgrade at any time to Gold level or our private classes via our website.

 $45 per month: Gold Tier (Level 2) – receive ongoing access to high caliber Fine Art and broad spectrum Creative Coaching content online. Receive art instruction tips and short lessons or demonstrations not shared anywhere else. Avianne makes her creative world part of yours. Learn through immersive content. Unsubscribe or upgrade to our private classes via our website at any time.


To read more about these options and sign up for any of the above options at: – if you aren’t sure, we recommend that you sign up for our Sage or Gold Tier first and take it from there.

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