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Maybe you just want to be an artist, designer or crafter who creates within your niche, without pressure, while learning to be excellent in your approach. You may even be a CEO who used to be creative and dynamic, but lately experiences burn out and feels like the joy of life has been sucked out of you. Or you may simply need a fresh outlook and rekindle your passion for creating. Sometimes we get stuck or we don’t even know how to get started on or find our way back to our creative path. We feel overwhelmed or we simply lack clarity when it comes to having a roadmap for our artistic treasure hunt. Or maybe we have great direction and strategy, but we just cannot seem to solve certain creative problems or overcome certain limitations in our skill set on our own any longer. If this is you, then Avianne can help you.

You are not alone. Many creative people can feel isolated or frustrated or simply experience slow progress. Many do not have access to local, high caliber classes or instructors. Youtube videos can only go so far and most art courses of high caliber are either too broad, too time consuming, too expensive or too cumbersome to fit into our already crammed lives.

Avianne has worked for years now in refining her own journeys well as helping countless students fulfill their creative destiny in an individual way.

Nobody is the same, but everyone is creative. When we do not know how to access our unique creative path, we have great difficulty living mindful, optimized, creative lives in all areas of our daily existence. I can help you discover your own strengths and work through your limitations when it comes to being a unique, creative individual in your own right. – Avianne

Our personalized package caters to individuals: as many aspects of your creative joys, artistic skill learning, goals or pain-points, limitations, mindsets and such as we can realistically address and help you direct effectively in 10 weeks, we can help you do this.

  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Cost: $450
  • Registration: via website at any time (first come, first served)
  • Registrations limited to 15 students at a time – we will place you on a waiting list if our classes are at capacity, for a small fee, deducted from your future tuition, to reserve your future spot.
  • Included:
    • Initial 45 minute Skype Call with Avianne to determine your pain-points and draft an initial roadmap to achieve your personal creative goals.
    • We will mail you a starter pack. What is included in this pack will be determined by your individual needs and goals. It may include a workbook, supplies, welcome letter, tips, book, etc. to get you set up for success.
    • You will receive a weekly email with tasks, instructions and strategies set out for you for that week.
      Once a week, you will have a half hour Skype call with Avianne to review your progress with projects or tasks and keep you motivated and on track.
    • A variety of personalized services or products: depending on your journey, this may include immersive studio or study sessions with Avianne via Skype or strategic brainstorm sessions every other week. This will be designed for you in a way that works with your road map, industry and schedule.
    • At the end of the 10 weeks, Avianne will have another 45 minute meeting with you to evaluate your progress and determine some next steps that work for you.

You will need reliable, high speed internet access, a safe way to receive mail and email and a Skype account to make this option viable and hassle free for yourself. We reserve the right to terminate these classes if we have to struggle too much with logistical and technical issues outside of our control or if we feel the class is not a good match for you. We will issue a partial or full refund in such a case, depending on the situation.

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