Private Art Classes

Private Art Classes Outline:

  • Private art classes (duration, regularity, etc.) can be customized for an individual student.
  • Private art classes are specifically recommended for students 12 years and older, who wish to pursue a more serious art career path and are willing to make an investment accordingly.
  • Students who wish to pursue Private Classes need the Instructor’s permission and will be asked to submit work and complete a questionnaire to be juried into a Private Class.
  • Draw and paint from real life, reference and imagination
  • Class caters for individual needs and preferences
  • Learn different techniques, styles and processes used in drawing and painting
  • Learn Art theory, Art History and several Practical applications
  • Notes will be provided and in depth study required
  • Private classes are 1 – 3 hours in duration and run on a weekly every other week or monthly basis.

Please CONTACT US for more information with regards to Qualifying for Private Classes.

Private Art Classes Registration

Registration Fee: $120  due at least 1 week prior to first class
The registration fee is non-refundable and will be deducted from the first monthly payment.

Pricing Structure for Private Classes:

  • 1 hour per individual class: $90 per hour = $90 per class
  • 2 hours per individual class: $80 per hour = $160 per class
  • 3 hours per individual class: $70 per hour = $ 210 per class

Scheduling a Private Class:

  • Private classes are scheduled according to the individual availability of the student and instructor at a mutually convenient time.

Qualifying for Private Classes

Jury Process and Private Art Classes Fees

Jury Fee: $50 (non-refundable to determine student’s aptitude)

  • Prospective Students must be 12 years or older
  • The Student (or Parent or Guardian) needs to contact us  prior to submitting anything to the Academy and clearly state their request for qualifying for Private Classes
  • At this time the prospective Student will receive more detailed instructions
  • Prospective Students will be required to submit (drop off):
    • a Portfolio of actual work, clear photographs or clear copies of 10-20 2D or 3D art works already completed in the last 2-5 years (traditional drawings, paintings OR sculpting examples preferred instead of examples of digital art, graphic art, animation or phorography)
    • Student will be e-mailed a form to complete to determine student’s interests and sincerity. Form needs to be printed out and completed and delivered with portfolio
  • There is a waiting period of 2 weeks to get in as a Private Student
  • There are currently only 6 Private Class time slots available per week – once these fill up, Students will be placed on a waiting list.

Ready To Get Started?

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