Private Instruction

About our Private Fine Art Instruction



Private instruction in fine art at our physical studio is suited for individuals who prefer one on one instruction above and beyond what an instructor is able to provide in a group setting. We cater only to adults in such a setting and we will jury adults that we select for such instruction as this type of art class only truly leans itself to those who are serious about their art making.

  • Private Class Logistics
    • Basic studio supplies and student notes are included
    • A student will have 1 class every 2 weeks with homework in between
    • Classes can be scheduled at mutual convenience
    • For cost, please refer to our TUITION AND FEES

Please read our Studio Practice Policy to familiarize yourself with the code of conduct we uphold in our studio.

  • Criteria for being juried into (approved for) Private Instruction include:
    • Student has a temperament suitable for private instruction
    • Student will commit to the focus required for private instruction
    • Student wishes to expand upon what is learned in a group class
    • Student desires extra help in a specific area of technical struggle
    • Student is advanced and wants to expand their learning
    • Student is not a good fit for a group class setting
    • Student is sincere about pursuing a Fine Art career path

Private instruction requires a lot of self discipline and since classes are not attended weekly, the student will need to commit to homework and structured self-study in between classes on a regular basis. The benefits of private instruction is that the student will be able to receive a lot more individual assistance, guidance and critique from the instructor in a way that usually results in an accelerated learning path for the gifted student or a more comfortable pace for a beginner or more laid back student.

Whereas in a group setting, the pace and themes are set for the entire class, private Fine Art instruction, the way Avianne Academy of Arts puts it together, can be more catered to the student’s individual needs, pain points and desire to learn certain aspects of art making more in depth. Basic to intermediate drawing skills will still be required and a measure of Classical Studio Training will still be incorporated into a private class setting, but since only one student is to be considered at a time, the instructor can be more flexible about including customized projects if this will benefit the student specifically and aid in skill development.

Our approach is always to develop the student holistically and we do include some Art History and even Art Philosophy into our private class settings as well, but we are far more able to adapt such learning to individual ability and interests within a private classroom setting. In our academy, the focus is mostly on drawing and painting, simply because that is what our studio is set up for, but we can assist students in certain types of sculpting, conceptual art, mixed media and more.

Drawing media that we typically are able to cater to include graphite pencil, color pencil, charcoal, pastels, markers and ink. Painting media that we are able to accommodate include acrylics, oils, water color and flow medium. Some of our students also enjoy doing work like collage, incorporating textiles, paper, wood, clay and much more into their art making process. If you want to work in other media or unusual media, just let us know and we will help you to structure a class that can best suit your needs.

Self study is always important for any artist, so even when you are a private student getting all the attention from your instructor: please be prepared to also work on your own at home, because the more effort you put in outside of the classroom, the more you are giving your instructor to work with. Even the best of instructors can only work with what a student gives us to work with. The more you follow up at home with what you learn in class, the faster and more consistent your results will be.

Because we want you to be successful and actually work with your full potential as an artist, we will make sure you have knowledge and understanding of color theory, sight measuring, drawing from still lives and such under the belt before we teach you too many other things. Most instructors, unfortunately, do not teach important foundational skills to students and this often results in students who can do little more than mimic instructors or paint a few copied pictures. Art is about so much more. You are capable of so much more than just creating pretty pictures. We can show you how to take your art making to a whole other level.

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