Regular Summer Workshops 2019

Regular Workshops for Summer 2019

Our regular summer workshops cater to beginners to advanced students, for all ages 12 and over.

These are very focused, 2 day Saturday to Sunday Fine Art workshops where we simply practice and improve upon our general art skills and creative process in more depth. The instructor will assist students with relevant projects or students will get oversight on projects of their own that they wish to complete. Our Instructor facilitates, advises and critiques projects. A relaxed atmosphere focused on the simple joy and process of individual art making will be fostered in the classroom.

Students who love to make art, but who do not have the time to attend our regular classes during the school year or who attend our regular classes, but wish to do more independent projects of their own under the guidance of a seasoned instructor are the ideal students for these workshops.

Once registered, Avianne will email the parent / student about which project they would like to work on to optimize their time with us.

We will proceed to prepare for the students in a relevant way. For students who are not sure what type of project they would like to do for this class, we will provide some suggestions based upon skill level and interest.

There are many themes that we are able to accommodate: from Classical Fine Art that is reminiscent of the Renaissance Tradition to Impressionism and Post Impressionism (in the styles of artists like Edouard Monet, Paul Cezanne or Vincent Van Gogh), Modern art (like that which were created by Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso or Henri Matisse), Postmodern approaches like what artists such as Andy Warhol would take or Contemporary Art (a variety of media and individual styles) or simply stylistic or Individual Expression. Possibilities are vast.

The atmosphere is conducive for students who are serious about art making. We can accommodate a variety of skill levels and interests, as long as the focus is centered on Fine Art. We are not able to accommodate video art, cartoon art or performance art of any kind. Sculpture may / may not be accommodated, depending on the facilities or supplies at our disposal and the instructor teaching the class. Please be sure to ask us about this if you are not sure.

We typically can accommodate traditional art media like graphite drawing, charcoal drawing, pastel drawing, sanguine, acrylic painting, watercolor and oil painting (the latter being only recommended for advanced and well practiced students). We can also accommodate self-drying clay projects (not baked ceramics or such) and multi-media or collage type abstract art created by means of using found or sourced materials like grass, plastic, beads, handmade paper, photographs, newspapers and more.

Please be sure to pick a project and a subject with us that matches your skill level and interests. If you are not well versed in human anatomy, for instance, this will not be the class to start such an advanced subject with – our time together is simply too limited to truly help you be successful in such an intense pursuit. More suitable subjects for beginners would include flowers, landscapes or non-representational art making.

Be aware that, depending on your skill level and the sophistication of the project you select, you may need to finish up the project at home. Only one project per student is recommended as we would like for a student to at least bring a project near completion or complete it in full if possible. We foster a positive learning environment free from negativity. Students need to be teachable and respectful at all times.

Students have always loved these workshops with us in the past because they are free to create within the parameters of a well supported learning environment with instructors and other students who can fuel the creative process as well.

You may select to do one or both workshops. No discounts are provided besides our early bird options, which run until  June 14

Be sure to utilize our Early Bird Specials for this class option.

Livermore - Regular Summer Workshops

We are indefinitely postponing further registrations for our Summer Camp and Workshop Options for 2019 because we are in the process of transforming our Academy to offer more online class options.

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