Compelling Still Lives


These are very focused, 1 day Fine Art workshops where we simply practice and improve upon our general art skills and creative process in more depth.

Dates: First Saturday in May

Each workshop runs from 10 am to 5 pm (7 hours) on Saturday
A light lunch is included and bottled water and tea are provided
Student notes, and all basic studio equipment and supplies are provided
Students who complete workshops receive certificates of completion
Optional after-class critique

Online registration only – Fee payable upon registration | TIMETABLE

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Product Description

Learning to paint compelling still lives is a wonderful way to discover many creative ways to create compositions and use color, brush strokes and contrast in making art. We will work with each student in this class at the level they are at. Whether you can barely master an exquisite apple or paint an array of harvest fruits in elaborate compositions, it doesn’t matter: we got you covered.

There is simply no substitute for the attentive journey of the patient artist or student when it comes to learning how to properly create Fine Art. Learning how to embrace simpler subjects and execute them successfully is a skill that will translate to almost any subject or theme in art making. Still lives are a very good way to get started with or to sharpen existing creative skills on a high level. Most people can access a still life drawing or painting approach on a basic level. It is certainly less intimidating than starting out by attempting to create far more complex subjects or themes in one’s work.

The most experienced and knowledgeable artists always go back to the basics and study simple subjects in order to sharpen observation, hone their skills and increase control or brushwork techniques. This works much in the same way than a musician playing scales or a soccer player practicing footwork: Still lives make us more acutely aware of technical and observation skills that we need in order to tackle more intense and complex subjects.

Some students fall in love with drawing and painting still lives to the degree that they become expertly proficient in creating absolutely astounding compositions, layered meaning, hidden concepts and color work that is out of this world via still life creations, based on all kinds of mediums as well as a variety of stylistic and thematic approaches. Still lives is a popular subject among art collectors and usually they become like time capsules because of the content and era in which they are created. There is a timeless, mysterious quality to many professionally created scenic art or historical still lives and in the contemporary genre, we see the same time-specific themes often emerge.

Still life painting leans itself to a lot of symbolic and imaginative expression, based upon the objects selected for the composition and the skillful application of the artist. Some artists go on to explore still life genres like “Veritas”, packed with symbolic meaning and melancholic assessments of the world as we experience it.

Few subjects will instruct the student as adequately as the traditional still life. This is such an intriguing, yet accessible way to learn about how light, perspective, color and composition can create a symphony of visual delight.

It is our hope that you can join us for this illuminating workshop, during which you will be learning approaches to creating still lives, that will serve you very well in future attempts to deconstruct any other subjects, however basic or layered they may be. Join us for this workshop to take you art making to the next level.