Dynamic Florals


These are very focused, 1 day Fine Art workshops where we simply practice and improve upon our general art skills and creative process in more depth.

Dates: First Saturday in June

Each workshop runs from 10 am to 5 pm (7 hours) on Saturday
A light lunch is included and bottled water and tea are provided
Student notes, and all basic studio equipment and supplies are provided
Students who complete workshops receive certificates of completion
Optional after-class critique

Online registration only – Fee payable upon registration | TIMETABLE

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Product Description

Flowers never disappoint and they seem to be the subject that keeps on giving to the artistic creator. We are thrilled to bring our students this workshop, filled with beauty and delightful flowers, just as spring invades beautiful Meridian. We are sure that this class will inspire and motivate our students to create boundless works of art all year long.

In our Dynamic Florals workshop, we are going to focus on flowers as a theme in Fine Art. Students can plan on doing some drawing and painting. We will incorporate water color, graphite drawing and acrylic painting to plan and create a final painting of a flower or, if time allows, a composition of flowers. Flowers we will paint and draw include poppies (our main theme), daisies and magnolias. The student will learn all about creating interesting floral compositions and using color to add a dynamic touch to any floral art work.

Students will learn how to draw and paint overlapping flower petals in a realistic way and how to make flowers look 2 dimensional. We will be exploring the way that light shines through flowers and how to achieve an ethereal effect when dealing with flowers as our subject matter. The instructor will demonstrate each step and will be helping students learn in great detail about the subject matter.

We will learn about the way artists like Georgia O’Keeffe approached floral compositions and why and how artists loved this theme through all ages. Flowers have always been included in Classical art making. They are fun and dynamic subjects to use in many types and styles of art making.

It is important to understand the anatomy of flowers and how their petals bend and reflect light and shadow. A good floral painting depends a lot on the fine artist’s ability to make the flowers look alive and interesting as opposed to just a basic illustration. We will be looking into how to make a floral painting or drawing look compelling and visually attractive by the clever use of light and composition. How we apply brushstrokes and blend colors together also depends on which flower we are representing in our work. All kinds of flowers will be discussed.

Learning how to draw and paint flowers is a wonderful way to be introduced to art making because flowers are forgiving. They lean themselves to a variety of stylistic interpretations in art and because they are seldom limited to perfect proportions, they are an easier subject to play with in art making than the human figure or animals or perspective, which is more structured and a lot more reliant on anatomical study and technical perfection to be convincing.

We hope that you will join us for this fun and creative experience in learning how to draw and paint flowers convincingly and with a wow factor that flowers so abundantly and easily provide for the viewer. This workshop will increase your confidence in painting floral themes, which is also worldwide the most popular theme for painting and art making in general.

If we have enough time, we may also touch on how to express a floral theme using different types of styles. From a more expressive or abstract approach to ultra photorealism, flowers are one of those subjects that leaves us with endless and joyful possibilities we can never get enough of.