Classical Studio Training – CST3


During our third year Classical Studio Training (CST3) program we build on the skills we learned in our first year course (CST2).
The main purpose of completing a third year program would be for a student to specialize and learn how to work on their own without the help of an instructor. Students will learn how to create their own, unique drawings and paintings, their own set-ups and their own themes or concepts for making Classical Art.

Cost is Per Module

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Product Description

CST 3 (third course starts seasonally – see time-table for current / future sign-up deadlines, dates and times) – must complete both first and second year courses – CST 1 and CST 2 to do the third year program – advanced.

Each module is 4 weeks in duration, each class is 2 hours long – entire program is 28 weeks in duration:

  • Module 1 – Student Project Drawing
  • Module 2 – Student Project Painting
  • Module 3 – Advanced Studio Practice (Part 1)
Module 4 – Advanced Studio Practice (Part 2)
Module 5 – Studio Practice: Drawing / Painting (Part 1)
  • Module 6 – Studio Practice: Drawing / Painting (Part 2)
  • Module 7 – Studio Practice: Drawing / Painting (Part 3)

Upon successful completion of third year: Certificate in Advanced Studio Practice with Specialization (specialization TBD by student within parameters offered)