Studio Practice


Per 2 hour time-slot
A mutually acceptable time will be scheduled with Avianne to use her studio (see full description for more information)


Product Description

Book 2 hours of studio time, as many blocks of time as you want.

Bookings are made on the understanding that

  • Avianne will schedule specific days and times with me as per our mutual convenience to use her studio for your own art making practices
  • that you cannot have guests or use this space to teach your own classes unless you pay per student / guest as well
  • this application and payment is subject to approval / confirmation and in the event that the application / payment is not approved, you will be reimbursed and may re-apply at a later time.

At checkout, please use the ‘Additional notes / Order Notes’ to tell us how and when you would like to make use of your booked studio hours.


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