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We are able to offer a Studio Practice environment for our more advanced students or to fellow Fine Artists. Studio Practice is simply an opportunity for artists and students to work in an optimized studio environment. Many of us do not have a proper studio set-up at home where we can create unhindered. This can become a point of great frustration for many adults who wish to pursue art making, but find it hard to focus or set up a proper creative space at home, often due to constant interruptions or having to use an inappropriate or temporary space each time they want to get creative.

An art studio is a far more optimal environment for us to create in. A proper studio should include enough space, optimal light, ventilation, proper art equipment like easels, ample supplies, a relaxed atmosphere and an environment conducive to focus and accommodating some measure of making a mess, constantly packing up your projects and sharing your space with the family’s needs and habits can be very cumbersome for even the best of artists.

  • Studio Practice Logistics:
    • Basic studio equipment and some supplemental supplies are available
    • Bring your own projects and project specific supplies
    • Studio Practice times can be scheduled at mutual convenience
    • For cost, please refer to our TUITION AND FEES

Please refer to our Studio Practice Policy to read about how we are supposed to conduct ourselves within the studio environment.

  • Criteria for being juried into (approved for) Studio Practice include:
    • Student is a Fine Artist / Art Student looking for suitable space to work in
    • Student has a temperament suitable for Studio Practice
    • Student wishes to expand upon what is learned in other classes
    • Student wants to create in an inspiring and encouraging atmosphere
    • Student is sincere about pursuing a Fine Art career path

When you join us for Studio Practice, you will be enjoying the benefits of working in an environment, specifically catering to your creative needs and whims. You will not need to pack everything up after an hour, you will not be interrupted, search for supplies or even have to clean up to set the table for dinner. You can simply bring your project and supply kit and work as long as you want without any interference. When multiple students join the class, you have the benefit of bouncing ideas off of others or asking for tips from others who share your journey as well. Or you can just zone out into your own creative space. Sounds great, right? This is a no-pressure option for you to relax and create to your heart’s delight.

In this art making environment, you can ask for some tips if you get stuck and we can critique your work in a helpful, fun way on a basic level, but we do not offer instruction like in our other classes. The instructor is just there to facilitate the class and will likely be working on their own art as well. So you should not get offended if the instructor leaves you alone for the most part of your session. The idea of Studio Practice is for you to work mostly unsupervised with a lot of creative freedom in an art friendly, high caliber environment. If you desire a more hands-on approach, then we suggest you apply for our Private Instruction or Classical Studio Training classes instead. If the instructor feels that you are struggling too much in a Studio Practice environment, they may recommend a different class option for you.

This type of environment is very stimulating and inspiring for any creative person. You will be encouraged and supported in your artistic path in a way that works for you. If you desire more in depth instruction or specific Private Instruction that goes beyond what you are able to master or achieve in your own Studio Practice, then please do not hesitate to let us know and we will place you in a more suitable class or if possible even create a customized class option just for you.

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