My Amazing Students: Alia Walin

I don’t often share about the incredible relationships I get to build with my students, but this one is a real treasure that I wanted to share with everyone.

This is Alia Walin.

She is the student I have had the longest out of all the children.

Alia Age 5 Learning About Cool Colors

Alia Age 5 Learning About Cool Colors


Alia is now 8 years old. She started classes with me in 2012, when she was 5 – she is the youngest student I ever had. I almost never take a student younger than 7, but Alia showed such exceptional talent, focus, creative passion and dedication that I decided to take her at a very young age.

Alia Walin Drawing Anatomy

Alia Walin Drawing Anatomy


Alia has had her work exhibited in a show and an art gallery with well-known local adult artists in Livermore when she was only 7 years old.

She can draw anatomy and draw from real life like nobody’s business. Art has given Alia a passion for “doing hard things”. She walks into class often, telling me: “I believe I can do anything!”

It is the most valuable lesson I teach all my students: Yes, you can do absolutely anything.

I really love my students. They inspire me and they make me believe passionately in teaching people their intrinsic value through art. One of the most rewarding aspects of what I do is that I get to show people what they are capable of and from dentists to soccer-moms to first graders, I get to teach others to believe in and treasure their own beautiful, unique qualities through art making.

Teaching art is special, because, along with how to use a drawing pencil and paint what you feel, I actually teach self-worth and I get to show people that they can go so far and dream so big, because they are unique and their voice matters.


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