Annual and Seasonal Workshops

Our workshops are a lot of fun as they are theme based.

Students will complete an art work, or more than one art work if time allows, according to a specific theme, from start to finish, under the instruction and facilitation of the instructor. A lot of creative people struggle with the realization that it can sometimes be hard to know where or how to start creating an original art work.

These workshops will help you to address this creative dilemma as you will be able to observe and participate actively in how to create an original piece (or pieces) in a variety of media from start to finish, step by step.

Our 7 hour, one day, workshops are great for anyone who just wants to break away for a Satuyrday, relax and have some fun while learning a lot about art and art making around a specific theme.

Workshop Schedule and Fees

  • Workshop Logistics
    • Workshop 1: Dynamic Florals
      – offered first Saturday in May (annually)
      – sign up deadline: April 30 (annually)
    • Workshop 2: Interesting Abstracts
      – offered the first Saturday in June (annually)
      – sign up deadline: May 31 (annually)
    • Workshop 3: Compelling Still Lives
      – offered first Saturday in August (annually)
      – sign up deadline: July 31 (annually)

Each workshop runs from 10am – 5pm on Saturday with an optional critique right after class.

A light lunch is included and bottled water and tea are provided
Basic studio equipment and supplies are provided
Students who complete workshops receive certificates of completion

For cost, please refer to our TUITION AND FEES

Information and Sign Up for workshops offered

Dynamic Florals

Flowers never disappoint and they seem to be the subject that keeps on giving to the artistic creator. We are thrilled to bring our students this workshop, filled with beauty and delightful flowers, just as spring invades beautiful Meridian. Learn more

Sophisticated Abstracts

People can find Abstract Art extremely enjoyable and relatable if they know how to approach and enjoy it. If not, it can quickly become a hot mess that frustrates the creator and the viewer alike. Learn more

Compelling Still Lives

Learning to paint compelling still lives is a wonderful way to discover many creative ways to create compositions and use color, brush strokes and contrast in making art. Learn more

Please refer to our Studio Practice Policy to read about how we are supposed to conduct ourselves within the studio environment.

  • Criteria for being juried into (approved for) a Workshop, include:
    • Student is interested in the specific Workshop theme
    • Student has a temperament suitable for the Workshop environment
    • Student wishes to expand upon what is learned in other classes
    • Student wants to create in an inspiring and encouraging atmosphere

At Avianne Academy of Arts we select our class content, structures and themes according to what we have learned over the last 10 years: we know what tends to work well for students in order to get them to walk away with results they can feel proud of when creating art. It is important to us that you feel encouraged, inspired and like you actually learn something as you create your projects with us.

Our very hands-on, workshop type art classes are structured to help a student achieve the satisfaction of creating a finished art work they can display with pride and honor in their home or gift to a loved one with confidence. We touch on important art making criteria like composition, line, perspective, color, volume, shape, concept, style and medium. We teach the student how to work systematically, with a process to achieve a result without wasting time and by solving creative problems by implementing efficient, doable steps as part of the art making process.

What we teach a student in our workshops, will apply to more than just the theme at hand. A student can take what they learn in these sessions and apply it to other types and themes of art making also. Our workshops have always been very successful and our students always get great artistic results from working with us in this way. Even amateurs are delighted with their results.

All artists often start out as amateurs. We are not concerned with your artistic ability for participating in this class, because we know how to help you succeed. Al we ask is that you are patient with yourself, engage with passion and enjoy the process as much as the result. The most important part is that you have fun and you walk away feeling like you learned more about who you are as an artist and what you like to create.

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